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Book Section

Gupta, B B (2022) A BIM-Based Approach for Decision Support System in Smart Buildings. In: Proceedings of Seventh International Congress on Information and Communication Technology. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems Book Series, 447 . Springer, pp. 471-481. ISBN 978-981-19-1607-6

Conference or Workshop Item

Faiz, T (2022) Implementation of an Intelligent Animal Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Network and IoT Platform. In: 2022 International Conference on Cyber Resilience (ICCR), 06-07 October 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Ghazal, T M (2022) Drones network security enhancement using smart based block-chain technology. In: 2022 International Conference on Cyber Resilience (ICCR), 06-07 October 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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