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Al-Khasawneh, M A Deep learning based semantic segmentation approach for automatic detection of brain tumor. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS COMMUNICATIONS & CONTROL, 18 (4).

Almomani, A (2022) Classification of Virtual Private networks encrypted traffic using ensemble learning algorithms. Egyptian Informatics Journal. ISSN 1110-8665

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Renganathan, V (2022) Overview of Deep Learning Models in Biomedical Domain with the Help of R Statistical Software. Serbian Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research, 23 (1). pp. 3-11. ISSN 1820-8665

Conference or Workshop Item

Almomani, A (2023) Automatic Recognition of Arabic Poetry Meter Using Machine Learning, Template Matching, and Deep Learning. In: 2023 3rd International Conference on Computing and Information Technology (ICCIT), 13-14 September 2023, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.

Alrababah, Hamza (2022) Classification of White Blood Cells Empowered with Auto Encoder and CNN. In: 2022 International Conference on Cyber Resilience (ICCR), 06-07 October 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Alzoubi, H M and Abidi, N (2022) The Threat of Deep Fake Technology to Trusted Identity Management. In: 2022 International Conference on Cyber Resilience (ICCR), 06-07 October 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Faiz, T (2022) Predicting Distributed Network Malicious Data Packets in Smart City using Deep Learning. In: 2022 International Conference on Business Analytics for Technology and Security (ICBATS), 16-17 Feb. 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Pradhan, M R (2022) An Intelligent Model to Predict Pneumonia Using Deep Extreme Machine Learning. In: 2022 International Conference on Cyber Resilience (ICCR), 06-07 October 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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